Osterman Fox and Associates
Osterman Fox and Associates

Manufacturer's Representative Agency
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Osterman Fox Staff

Main Office
2801 Court Street Suite C2 • Syracuse, New York 13208
Telephone: 315.437.7750 • Toll Free: 800.521.3211 • Fax: 315.437.8512


Outside Sales Extension
Scott Osterman, Chairman sosterman@ostermanfox.com
Frank Kaduc, President, Rochester fkaduc@ostermanfox.com
Christopher Fox, Executive Vice President, Syracuse cfox@ostermanfox.com
John Davis, Syracuse jdavis@ostermanfox.com
Brett Milton, Rochester bmilton@ostermanfox.com
Scott Earsing, Buffalo searsing@ostermanfox.com
Doug Lattimore, Buffalo dlattimore@ostermanfox.com
Dan Yowell, Albany dyowell@ostermanfox.com
Tim Sexton, Albany tsexton@ostermanfox.com
Doug Brown, Elmira/Binghamton dbrown@ostermanfox.com
Tim Courtright, Contractor Services 107 tcourtright@ostermanfox.com


In-Office Personnel Extension
Jamie Montreal, VP of Operations 106 jmontreal@ostermanfox.com
Mark Barber.Product Manager 112 mbarber@ostermanfox.com
Ellen Cunningham, Product Manager 114 ecunningham@ostermanfox.com
Joann Gaworecki, Product Manager 104 jgaworecki@ostermanfox.com
Kenneth DeRito, Product Manager 110 kderito@ostermanfox.com
Marcia Stock, Product Manager 103 mstock@ostermanfox.com
Jim Bianco, Product Manager 108 jbianco@ostermanfox.com
Sales Support 100 sales.support@ostermanfox.com
Jim Stock, Shipping & Receiving Manager 111 jstock@ostermanfox.com

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Osterman Fox and Associates • 2801 Court Street Suite C-2, Syracuse, NY 13208 • 315.437.7750 • info@ostermanfox.com